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QuatroTech staff have extensive experience with both the small office and large-scale networks; from systems architecture design, implementation and support to troubleshooting; and from short to long term maintenance. We assist in evaluating your current IT environment, identifying current problems/future needs, and in executing plans to help achieve a clearly defined set of business objective.

One of our main focuses is networking - building, integrating, providing connectivity, supporting networks and converting old networks to new ones.

We apply a well-tested methodology to minimize the disruption of such transition. Starting with a review of your current network: potential issues are sought before they become problems. We perform the actual migration of data and programs to newly built reliable file server(s), running on Linux, UNIX, Windows and can leverage Virtualization technology to gain benefits of consolidating many servers. Our best effort is put into testing your programs, printer connections and compatibility to ensure everything works properly with the new system. After the conversion, users can login and work, noting no difference whatsoever other than improved performance. 
QuatroTech delivers products and solutions, combining our supported technologies with the skills and expertise of our staff. As a service to our clients, we do the product research, make recommendations and procure the products to simplify project management and logistics.
QuatroTech offers a full and complete range of services to promote and market your products online. We design and build websites; ranging from simple to fully  integrated e-commerce solutions. We assist you to utilize Internet based technologies; like search engine optimization, to expand your business.
QuatroTech believes communication is the key to any business, your network is the backbone your applications run on, thus according your staff productivity in the process. In this increasingly competitive era, it is of utmost importance in using technology to effectively get in touch with your clients. We can extend the reach of reliable and secure business - assuring critical communications throughout the organization including company headquarters, branch offices, home offices and employees on the road.

Keeping your network and data secure from internal and external threats is vitally important, especially in this day where criminal elements are driving the creation of threats to your data. .

Our security solutions include:   Firewall Solutions; VPN Solutions; Intrusion Detection Systems; E-mail Security and Content Filtering; Antivirus and Malicious Code Mitigation Solutions; Strong and Multifactor Authentication and Single Sign-On; Web Server Hardening and Security; and Network Audits and Security Analysis.